The MI40 Program

Maximize Lean Muscle Gains With The Ben Pakulski MI40 System

What does it take to get the washboard abs, the lean and toned body, and the kind of build you need to enter a competition?

The short answer is: a lot of work.

An even shorter answer is: Ben Pakulski.

Here’s why…

Ben Pakulski is one of the top-level professional bodybuilders in the world. He has appeared in major fitness magazines from North America to Europe. However, Ben’s bodybuilding accomplishment isn’t limited to his fully sculpted physique.

The Kinesiology grad from the University of Ontario has also made revolutionary programs that have helped countless bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals. And one of those programs is the Ben Pakulski MI40 system.

NOTE: Ben Pakulski has a brand new Program called MI40X you can find out about the new MI40X here.

For morte information about the key Differences between the two programs click here.

What does it do?..

In its very basic form, the MI40 allows you to gain muscle mass in half the time it usually takes. The other great thing about the M140, as Ben explains on the official website, is that it is designed to work both for those who anabolic assistance and for those who work out naturally.

What exactly is MI40?

MI40 stands for Mass Intentions 40 – a muscle-gaining system that deliberately creates tension in the muscle and relies on the Neurological Overload Sets, for fast and permanent muscle growth.

It consists of 40 exercises, which are divided into mass construction exercises and mass appeal exercises. The exercises are performed in 40-second sets, with 40 seconds of rest between sets, and 40 days, as the number of days in the program.

The muscle-gaining system uses “40” because it is the scientifically significant number: it is the optimal number of days for individuals to adapt to new training; it is the number of seconds for muscular hypertrophy; it is the ideal amount of rest to recover before the next set, and it is the ideal number of exercises to naturally release your body’s anabolic factories for maximum growth.

The system comes with several components, including instruction videos specific to chest, back, abs, hams, etc., intelligence training manual, nutrition manual, and a few others.

With Ben Pakulski’s muscle-gaining system, you can lose the excess weight; you can train for a bodybuilding competition; you can work out intensively, in spite of your age, and you can achieve your fitness goals efficiently and rapidly.

The Ben Pakulski MI40 program is filled with valuable information on the muscle-gaining system he has developed. But that’s not all you’ll get. You’ll also discover the common mistakes most people do when training to develop lean muscle and strength.

It’s a pretty serious hard-core look into bodybuilding. It is also a great way for you to rectify misconceptions about bodybuilding and to finally achieve the kind of Muscle-build you want.