IFBB Ben Pakulski

From The IFBB, Ben Pakulski — The Muscle Man And How He’s Revolutionizing Muscle-Building And Health!

ifbb ben pakulski

IFBB Ben Pakulski Left (wearing black)

There are lots of big names in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness or IFBB – Ben Pakulski is one of them.

The 33-year-old Ontario native has made a name for himself as a professional bodybuilder for winning the 2008 Mr. Canada competition.

In the same year, he managed to finish second, twice, in the IFBB, and from then on he continued to gain larger recognition not only as a man with one of the most powerful bodies in the world, but also for promoting the sport and educating people about an intelligent and healthy approach to bodybuilding.

He has managed to set himself apart from other professional bodybuilders because of the passion that he’s cultivated through dedicated study of the science behind health and fitness.

IFBB Ben Pakulski graduated with an honors degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.

While this already establishes him as an authority in the best and safest exercises for the optimum development of the body, he remains an ongoing student because there’s always something new and different to learn that will improve knowledge about, and support, the advancement of bodybuilding as a sport.

Ben Pakulski has already dedicated 14 years to this pursuit of higher learning about muscle building.

He gained lessons from personal experiences, his relationship with clients, and meetings with the best health professionals — doctors, therapists, and coaches.

And the fruit of this committed work is the MI40 Training System, which many professional and amateur builders are already using and finding completely aligned with their goals.

What’s particularly special about the system (composed of different manuals, guides, exercise DVDs, charts and calendar) that Ben Pakulski designed is that it presents revolutionary and alternative principles to achieving maximum muscle development.

Another important quality of Ben Pakulski’s MI40X system is it’s composed of methods that are applicable to both drug-free and drug-assisted individuals.

The difference between MI40X and MI40 is explained here in detail.

It’s not an “exclusivist” provision; the objective of creating higher understanding remains to be of greatest importance. He explains how the body works so people are properly informed of the safest, most logical and effective ways to achieve the results they want. The system is not centered on a product, but rather on the knowledge about the myriad of variables that impact the goal of fitness.

For IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski, it’s all about thorough education, which is why he created his own system.

His process was developed by his personal experiences and research so there is nothing anybody can ask about the system that he will not be ready to answer.

He’s not just this really buffed man who can recommend something that “could” work; he knows exactly how and why his system works.

And this is why, despite his seemingly alternative methods, he’s risen to become one of the most trusted names in fitness and health.