Ben Pakulski’s MI40x

The MI40x C.E.P. Training – Ben Pakulski Reveals The 4-Minute Stealth Technique For Muscle Hypergrowth.

Gain four pounds of ripped muscle every 11 days of your training?

IFBB Pro Leaguer Ben Pakulski AKA Pak-Man, has debunked all the myths and assumptions about how you really can achieve hyper muscle growth, add several pounds of hard muscle to any part of your body, and be able to accomplish it in weeks (not months) with MI40X.

And it’s done by using your body fat as fuel. And even more shocking, you can achieve all of these by engaging in just 4-minute exercises.

MI40x strips off your body fat and at the same time add solid pounds to your chest, abs, arms, legs or any part of your body in such a very short time.

The  M140x Cell Expansion Protocol (C.E.P.) Training.

The core principle behind C.E.P. training is that it can trick your body into hyper recovery.

In this process, you spend half of your training time resting and eating normal food.


the mi40x training program by ben pakulski

MI40X strips fat and builds Muscle fast…


It will promote the production of Myosatellite cells, what Ben calls “a highly unique super recovery muscle helper.”

These satellite cells will help your body go into full, fast recovery mode. And as any gym buff knows, muscles grow during the recovery phase.

The faster your recovery, the faster your muscle grows and expands.

Depending on your preferences, you can pile on 10 pounds of rock-hard muscles in less than 5 weeks, or 20 pounds in 10 weeks, or even 30.

C.E.P. training is so specialized and specific (Ben owns the patent to it, and there is a study by a leading university to scientifically prove its effectiveness).

The mi40x program

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Thus, it is very crucial that you follow the instructions to the letter to get the results you want.

Following the recommended protocols won’t be so hard, as you will be provided all the information and support you need.

The M140x Program contains the following:

  • C.E.P. Practical Application Guide
  • MI40X Nutrition Guide
  • MI40X Supplement Guide
  • MI40X Workout Sheets
  • MI40X 7 Day Primer Phase
  • MI40X 7 Day Detox Diet
  • The MI40X Exercise Guide

And also:

  • Ben Pakulski’s Patented C.E.P. Training Blueprint

The MI40X Workoben pakulskiuts  are designed so that it executes every exercise in the most accurate and precise movements, so that you get the body that you have always desired to have, in the shortest time possible.

The MI40x Program is the culmination of IFBB professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski entire professional life’s work — almost 3 years of comprehensive University research and training combined with decades of training and constant learning about the human body and its potential.

Here is what you get in Ben Pakulski’s revolutionary MI40x training system:

  • The entire MI40X C.E.P. Training System
  • The C.E.P. Rapid Start Training Video (5 short minutes to get you in the gym and growing faster than ever)
  • The C.E.P. Training Blueprint (Every exercise, every step, laid out with easy-to-understand instructions)
  • The C.E.P. Training Video Library (Every CEP-friendly exercise visually demonstrated by Ben Pakulski himself, plus instructions for beginners, intermediate muscleheads, and advanced athletes)
  • The C.E.P. Total Training Library (Every exercise you will ever need to build the body you desire — they target the arms, abs, chest, back, calves, quads, hams/glutes, and delts)

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