MI40 Vs MI40X

The Key Differences Of The MI40X XTreme 2.0 Vs M140 Foundation

The best bodybuilding athletes raved and continue to rave about Ben Pakulski’s first MI40 program which not only introduced new principles, but more importantly proved to be extremely effective for all.mi40-vs-mi40x

Ben Pakulski has certainly revolutionized body building with his scientific finding regarding bulking up, and with his never-ending pursuit of higher understanding of the different factors that directly affect the body’s natural ability to develop muscles, he has discovered new principles and methods to integrate to his MI40 program to create the MI40X 2.0.

So, How different is the M140X 2.0 Vs M140?


Basically, the MI40 introduced the fundamentals that all bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts should know, the principles behind the functioning of the body and the various methods that take all those principles into consideration so target results can be achieved.
The highlights of the initial program focused on the following:

•    Tension techniques
•    Precision execution via Mass Intentions
•    Time under tension
•    Tempo

Meanwhile, the MI40X Xtreme 2.0, the sophomore offering is a whole new beast as Pakulski describes – it is built upon everything that made MI40 the success that it is, and it’s more advanced and reveals how there are ways for the body to develop even further and achieve its fullest potential for the optimum satisfaction of body builders.

The M140X 2.0 is certainly a step up. It discusses the brand new protocol that actually increases the number of muscle fibers in each muscle, and significantly improves recovery time by increasing the number of nuclei in the cell.

The mi40x program

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As everybody knows, the more muscle fibers there are, the bigger the body gets which is the goal of every bodybuilding athlete.

It’s important to mention as well that this brand spanking new program offers the following:

– More detailed execution plans and tricks to take program followers to the next level of health and fitness
– How to detox harmful estrogens that are wreaking havoc on the body’s ability to build muscle.
– A full 18 weeks of programming that allows for a built in progression for muscle building enthusiasts from newbies to professionals.
– A 6-phase fully comprehensive and strategically scheduled 40-day program to address hypertrophy, power and strength. This program will push people to work even harder so maximum growth can be achieved.

These aren’t all though; there’s still a bounty more other vital information in the MI40X 2.0 which no other bodybuilding program teaches.

So, for all those who are worried that the MI40X 2.0 is just a reissue of the MI40, it most definitely is not.

The MI40X 2.0 is health and bodybuilding at the highest level.

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